Payment and delivery


Erarta online shop requires 100% advance payment of the order. The painting reproductions and gift are produced within 7 working days.

We ship anywhere in the world. We will deliver the order ourselves in Saint Petersburg and will make arrangement with well-tried transport companies for delivery in Russia and abroad.

You can select one of the following delivery options:

  • Collect in person (Saint Petersburg)

Your order will be waiting for you at Erarta Museum, at the following address: 2, 29th line, Vasilyevsky Ostrov, Saint-Petersburg. You can collect your order any day from 10 am to 8:30 pm. The first cashier at the reception.

  • Courier delivery

We use the services of EMS and DPD companies for courier delivery to addresses in St. Petersburg, Russia, and abroad.

The order will be shipped according to the standard rates of the delivery companies.

Please note: for orders containing original paintings, sculptures or interior décor items, only Premium delivery option is available (provided by DPD company).


Erarta online shop requires 100% advance payment of the order.

You can use the following payment methods:

  • Bank card online

For bank card payments, all card details are processed through the Sberbank electronic payment system. The information you submitted is fully protected and no one, including the online shop, has access to it.


  1. Make sure that your bank card supports online payments (this information is available from the buyer’s issuing bank).
  2. If you didn’t proceed to pay immediately after making an order, you would need to open the “Cart” section and click “Proceed to Checkout” button.
  3. will forward you to the Authorization Server of Sberbank.
  4. The Authorization Server of Sberbank sets up a connection with the customer under the protected protocol (SSL 3.0) and accepts the customer’s bank card details (card number, card expiration date).
  5. You must enter and confirm your bank card details within 40 minutes (waiting period for data entry). After 40 minutes, the payment is closed due to the expiration of the waiting period. It is necessary to fill in the fields marked by an asterisk.
  6. The Authorization Server of Sberbank preprocesses the received information and forwards it to a clearing bank of the system (hereinafter, the bank).
  7.  The bank verifies the existence of such shop (in this case, in the system, and checks that operation complies with the established systemic constrains. Such verification either prohibits or allows making authorization to carry out the transaction to the card payment system.
  8. If the authorization is successful:
  • the bank sends to the Authorization Server of Sberbank the positive authorization result;
  • the Authorization Server sends the client the positive authorization result;
  •, once the authorization is confirmed, passes the order to the workshop;

      9. If authorization is rejected:

  • the bank sends to the Authorization Server of Sberbank the rejection of payment;
  • the Authorization Server sends the rejection with the order number to


Reasons for rejection may include:

  • The client’s issuing bank doesn’t support secure payment processing technology 3D-Secure, required by international payment system VISA, MasterCard;
  • The card has insufficient funds to pay for the order;
  • The client’s issuing bank imposed a prohibition on payment on the Internet (some banks, concerned by a potential fraud, prohibit Internet payments);
  • Bank card data entry timeout expired (you should enter the data within 40 minutes);
  • The entered data was not confirmed by the buyer on the payment page, data format error, etc


Depending on the reason for the authorization rejection, you can try:

  • retry payment, but not earlier than after 20 minutes;
  • seek clarification from the Issuing bank;
  • if the bank fails to solve the problem, retry payment with the card issued by another bank;
  • bank transfer to the account by receipt

Services of Sberbank

In order to pay for the order by receipt, you can use the services of Sberbank or other bank operating in Russia. When paying by bank transfer, an additional fee is charged for the transfer of funds, which is an average of 3% of the price of the order. 

Bank transfer (to account) for legal entities

The transfer takes up to 2-3 working days. You will need to report the payment to the Online Shop manager by email ( or phone  (812) 334-68-91, 8 800 222 68 91. If payment is not received within 45 days, your order will be cancelled. 

A payment receipt with all the parameters of your order will be automatically generated as soon as your order is formed. You can print it out immediately after the completion of the order process or from the “Cart” section. 

If you do not have the opportunity to print out your receipt, you can fill out a bank transfer or postal transfer form manually, carefully copying all data from the payment receipt.

Be sure to specify Sole Proprietor Alexeyeva Anna Yuryevna as the beneficiary of the payment and quote your order number in the comment to the payment. Please make sure the bank employee uses the accurate bank details! The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of bank details as well as for resolving the problems with the bank in case the bank employee makes a mistake in bank details.  Your order will be processed and sent upon the receipt of full payment.