Rules and information

Before registering, please read the rules carefully.

The site owners are those who have appropriate proprietary and contractual rights in respect to the “Erarta Shop” website. Users (or a User) of the site is a person who has downloaded any HTML page of the website. A User’s downloading of any HTML page of the website onto their computer with subsequent use of information, site materials and/or services, or his/her registration on the site are his/her acceptance of the terms of this agreement. The site is designed to advertise and promote goods and services offered for sale on the internet, in order to generate sales by accepting orders for purchase, offering convenient payment options to the buyer, discussing deals, informing others’ about the company, attracting customers and partners, publishing of works of art by their authors and owners and for free exchange of information and opinion between users.

Please pay special attention to the presence of copyright on all materials on this site, including images, publications, posts, photographs, videos, trademarks, logos, product names, as well as the text of this agreement — all the above are subject to intellectual property rights.

Please be aware of the conditions of limited use of any materials contained on the site:

  1. Copying, reproduction and distribution (wholly or in fragments) of any material on the site and the attempt to create similar product contained on the site for commercial purposes, including for publications in print and/or digital media, for use in advertising, on third party websites or otherwise aiding (not preventing) access to third party information without prior written consent of the site owners is prohibited;
  2. All materials on the site can be freely used for personal purposes only, unrelated to any commercial activities of the User. In these instances it is compulsory to reference the link to the website where the content was originally found;


Any use of site materials, which goes beyond personal, will be classified as a violation of intellectual property rights, liable for prosecution under the law of the Russian Federation.

All information contained on the website is protected by international conventions for protection of intellectual property, the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code, the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offences.

Site administration openly warns that copyright infringement is punishable by law.

Any disputes between the site owner and users (a User) are resolved by negotiations. In event of an agreement not being reached, disputes will be settled by the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The User is solely responsible for correctly filling in all personal contact information. This in particular means that in case of the User filling in incorrect contact details, including the city and the postcode/index, he or she will be liable for all expenses incurred for deliveries to the wrong address, the wrong person or failed deliveries as a result of that mistake. Hereby the user agrees to receive promotional emails.

The User must follow precautions to preserve their registration details in order to avoid them becoming known to third parties.

The site owner undertakes to not disclose users’ data, which it acquires in the process of registration.

Any trademarks of products and services, as well as logos and emblems, which appear on the pages of the site, are the property of their respective owners. Users are not permitted to use these trademarks, logos and emblems.

Erarta’s online store, (later referred to as “the seller”) stores all data entered by customers completely securely. Your data and details will never be passed on to third parties, unless one of the following cases applies. We may pass on your details to third parties such as courier services in cases where the customer opts to use a third party company for delivery. We may pass on your details to third parties in cases where Russian law enforcement authorities require us to do so.

The seller is not legally responsible for keeping the users’ data, nor are we able to keep that data confidential in cases where users post their order details themselves in public places, such as forums, guest books etc.

For bank card payments, all card details are processed through the Sberbank electronic payment system. The information you submitted is fully protected and no one, including the online shop, has access to it.