Morozov Arkady

Arkady Morozov was born in 1950 in Leningrad. He started his artistic education in the Art School of the Moscow Region Commemorating the Events of 1905 and continued his studies at the Graphic Arts Department of the Petrozavodsk Pedagogical School No. 2 which he entered in 1968. He later returned to the same Pedagogical School as a teacher after graduating from the Repin Institute of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture in Leningrad in 1982.

The artist lived and worked in Petrozavodsk and was one of the key figures of Karelia’s art scene. Since 1982, Morozov taught at all of the higher art education institutions of Petrozavodsk and supervised the youth section of the Artists’ Union of Karelia. Morozov successfully combined teaching with his own artistic pursuits. He often exhibited his works abroad, illustrated various publications, and experimented with theatre set design.

Morozov’s surrealistic landscapes and archaic pictograms painted in acrylics on fibreboards are indicative of a solid theoretical knowledge that was essential to his paintings. After all, it is widely known that surrealism quite consciously focused on the subconscious, while primitive art proved to be the source of philosophical revelations of the 20th century.

The artist passed away in 2021.