Fyodorova Marina

Fedorova has firmly established herself both nationally and internationally as an emerging young Russian artist. Consequently to graduating from the Stirliz Fine Art School in St. Petersburg in 1996, Fedorova, simultaneously to participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions continued to pursue artistic study at a further fine art academy, N. K Rerich. This allowed her to specifically focus her study on design and graphics, as the Rerich Academy is nationally known for its design department, from which the alumni is exceptional.
Nonetheless, Fedorova, whilst still pursuing solo and group exhibitions throughout the country, went on to study at one of the most reputable fine art school in Russia- Mukhina Fine Art College. Although the institution itself is well known for its conservative teaching methods and classical artistic training, from 2001 onwards, the establishment invested in a fashion design department, where Fedorova was enrolled. This further education provided Fedorova with exceptional skills of both an artist and a craftsman, concurrently allowing her to develop her technique, whilst also setting it into the context of contemporary fashion dexterity. Upon graduating from Mukhina College in 2006, Fedorova has continued to extensively work and exhibit her works throughout Russia and aboard.
More specifically, Fedorova has been extensively exhibited in Parisian galleries, as she has extensive connections with the Parisian art scene and furthermore, she harbors a studio there also. Of all her national and international participations, Fedorova’s most paramount is her continuous inclusion at the Art-Moscow and Art-Paris, which remain the leading art fairs in their respective countries. In addition to this, her woks have also travelled across other acclaimed art fairs, such as Art-Vilnus and Art-Kiev.
Her consistent sales records indicate that she is uniquely able to simultaneously be taken seriously as an artist in her own right, whilst also synchronously fitting in with the movement of amalgamation of art and fashion. Fedorova’s idiosyncratic approach to subject matter of fashion has escalated her wide-spread acceptance into the world of art and ensures that her art works complete any collection.
Artist Fyodorova Marina

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions:

  • 2011 Stolichnaya (Capital’s), Gallery Kremlin, Saint Petersburg.
  • 2010 Blue Beard, Inutero Panopticum, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2010 In Red, Gallery Kadieff, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 2010 Society of Consumption, Citycelebrity, St.Peterburg, Russia.
  • 2010 House of Art Marbella, Malaga, Spain .
  • 2010 Love's stories, Red Bridge, Vologda, Russia.
  • 2010 Memoria, Ruarts, Moscow.
  • 2010 PLEASE ME FASHION, Mantova, Italy.
  • 2010 Gala charity auction with the support of CHRISTIE'S, Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2009 08.08.08, D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2009 Retour - Stop – Cadre, Orel Art Gallery, Paris.
  • 2009 Art Vilnus, Art Fair. Vilnus, Lithuania.
  • 2008 To live in Paris, D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg.
  • 2008 The artist of a year, by ‘Nicolas Feuillatte’, France.
  • 2008 The lonely, The Red Hall, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2008 The lonely, D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2008 Red thread , ‘Kadieff’ and ‘Krista Mikkola’ Galleries, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 2008 Art Paris, The International Art Fair of Contemporary Art, Paris, France.
  • 2008 Kandinsky Prize 2008, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 Visions of Autumn, ‘La Berteska-Masnata’ Gallery, Genova, Italy.
  • 2007 Short meetings... , Orel Art, Paris, France.
  • 2007 MARIINSKY, Was official painter of 7th international ballet festival, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2007 Field's architecture. Russian Museum, St-Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2007 Was presented by D137 Gallery at the Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 Every picture tells a story, From private collection of Artemy Troitsky, D137 Gallery.
  • 2006 A La Mode, Art Strelka, XL gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2006 Autumn time", "D137" Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2006 Arte Firenze, Art Fair, Florence, Italy.
  • 2006 Art Crescendo, Minor Hall of St. Petersburg Philharmony. Russia.
  • 2006 Art Moscow, Represented by D137 Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2006 International Art Fair of Contemporary Art, represented by D137 Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2006 Solo exhibition, XL gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2006 Qui Vive, International Youth Art Festival, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2005 One Fine Day, D137 Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2005 Art Moscow, Represented by D137 Gallery.
  • 2005 The International Art Fair of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.


Selected museum and foundation collections:

  • The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • D137 Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Shoes Or No Shoes Museum, Belgium.