Leonova Tatiana

Tatiana Leonova was born in Vasilkov in the Kyiv region in 1949. Leonova studied at the department of architecture in the Kharkiv Engineering and Construction Institute, and worked for a city construction company for four years after graduating.

In 1976 Leonova enrolled in the department of industrial graphics at the Mukhina Art School in Leningrad. Upon graduating from high school the artist moved to Sosnovy Bor and worked at an art and decoration workshop.

Since 1988, she has taught at an art studio located in the city cultural centre, Art-Karusel, in Sosnovy Bor and has headed a folk group, the Art Workshop. Tatiana Leonova is a distinguished figure in the world of art and a member of the Union of Artists.

Leonova is renowned for her wonderful watercolour paintings. During her student years, Leonova actively studied antique art. Her individual style was influenced by not only the laconic technique of ancient Greek vase painting, but also by the atmosphere of the antique world that celebrates the human body and sensual images. It is not by accident that the artist’s high school diploma work included a series of illustrations to The Metamorphoses by Ovid that was followed by illustrations to a children’s edition of Ancient Greek Myths and Legends. Female images created by Leonova deserve special attention. The artist not only manages to excite the viewer with the sensual beauty of a naked body, she also masterfully develops living emotional characters in her portraits and pictures within biblical motifs.