Popov Anatoly

Anatoly Popov was born in Smolensk in 1940. After receiving his education in Yaroslavl at the art school known for the talented teachers that graduated from the Leningrad Academy of Arts, Popov returned to his home city.

The artist has widely traveled around Russia, which has been fruitful for his creative work. He always takes his sketch-box easel and paints his original watercolour pictures in extreme conditions. The watercolours presented in the collection are indicative of this process.  While working outside in freezing weather, Popov enjoys unexpected effects – watercolour cardboard soaks the paint immediately. Colours are perceived differently. Such conditions urged Popov to paint hurriedly while the views of landscapes remained static. 

Popov is a universal master who works in all genres and perpetually changes his preferences from painting to graphics and vice a versa. Landscapes and graphic portraits are his most beloved genres.

The artist is proud to mention his students who have successfully passed entrance examinations and are accepted into the best high schools around the country. Popov has taught nearly all of his life.

It is absolutely necessary to mention Popov’s unique collection. Since the 1960s, the artist has acquired many interesting works by contemporary artists, as well as icons and antique pieces. Inspired by Duchess Maria Tenisheva’s example, the collector has donated a significant portion of his collection to the museums in Smolensk. Among other things, the artist has plans to paint a monumental portrait of the duchess.

Artist Popov Anatoly