Tatianin Yury

Tatianin was born 1963 in Lipetsk, Russia where he continues to live and work. As expected, due the lack of financial support for artists during his youth, and despite his passion towards the arts, Tatianin went on to initially pursue a more economically viable path. Hence, Tatianin went on enroll and graduate from the Lipetsk Mechanical Engineering Technical School in 1982. Consequently, Tatianin was also to develop his interest and passion for art whilst in the knowledge that he would be able to physically support himself and his family later on, if need be. So, between 1982-1989 Tatianin worked at the Lipetsk State Academic Drama Theatre named after Leo Tolstoy. This period say Tatianin become more comfortable in working with oil and the production of art works in general. Furthermore, this is also when the artist began to sign his canvases, where he shortened his full name to an abbreviation, to which he modestly added, “Genius of the Lipetskian Earth, Artist and Bookseller”.

As an artist, Tatianin initially focused upon traditional naïve characters, such as stray animals, whilst also exploring mythological characters such as mermaids. These enticing characters were eventually replaced by well known European artists and today's annoyingly popular anti-heroes, whom the artist calls “vampires”. These are such artists as Joseph Beuys, who founded the concept of gesamtjunstwerk or social sculpture.

Due to his increased admiration and appreciation of late 20th century artistic movements, Tatianin went on to found the Lipetsk Centre of Contemporary Art with art collectors Aleksandr Nazarov and Yury Sodorov. This still remains one of the only independent contemporary art centers in Russia.

Tatianin straightforwardly brings artist and citizen together in the heavy black irony of the world around them. It is therefore difficult to evaluate Tatianin's works through the usual analytic prism of composition and color, in as much as his ideas and unique philosophy are always the dominant elements in them. The artist himself recognizes this difficulty, labeling his style “intuitive neo-primitivism”, even though it is doubtful whether the mutable prefix can justly be appended to the immutable idea of the naïve. If you wished to cast Tatianin in a particular mold, then one might quickly call it naïve conceptualism. The artist, unique among all others, is both philosopher and man of words who can describe his finished works telepathically, irrespective of their painterly qualities.

Tatianin should be considered as one of the most relevant artist on the Russian scene today, often appearing on the evening news, while mornings are given over to his canvases. The artist calls the latter “Urgent Painting”.

Artist Tatianin Yury

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2011 - Dead Hare: All we gort: Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2010- Designer Dolls, Museum of Fold and Applied Decorative Art, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 2010 - PROZAEK or Other Rabbits I Don't Have For You. Х. Л. А. М Gallery, Voronezh, Russia.
  • 2009 - Urgent Painting. SCOOP Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2008 – We Love Militsya. Militsya Loves Us, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 – The blood-suckers will not get through!, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 – Action Joseph Beuyes: freedom or TV, State Centre of Contemporary Arts, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 2005 – The Good Artist Dead, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2001 – The Good Artist Dead, Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 2000 – New National Heroes, Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1999 – Marginal Art (Together with S.Bugrovskim), Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1998 – Funeral of the Bald Girl, Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1998 – The Genius of the Lipetsk Land, «Dar» gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 1997 – Cats and Flowers (Together with S.Bugrovskim), Fund «Interaction», Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1997 – Sabaka? Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • 2008 – Sovcom auction, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 – Russia – Homeland of Elephants, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 – Action Art Belongs, State Centre of Contemporary Arts, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 2007 – Art Moscow, 11th International Art Fair, pop/off/art gallery, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2007 – The Encyclopedia of Art from Y (kovlev) to A (rshakuni), Voronezh State Art Museum n.a. Kramskogo, Voronezh, Russia.
  • 2005 – The Sixth, pop/off/art gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2003 – Collection of Brutal Arts, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
  • 1999 – Window to Moscow, Victor and Sergey Popov Collection, Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1999 – Pushkin's Images in Creativity of Naive Artists of Russia, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
  • 1997 – Action initiation, Art-laboratory «Dominanta», Moscow, Russia.
  • 1996 – Modern Painting of Lipetsk Artists, Regional Museum, Rostovskay obl., Russia.
  • 1996 – Nu-March, Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1995 – Inter-Regional Exhibition of Naive Art, Kursk, Russia.
  • 1994 – Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Lipetsk, Russia.
  • 1993 – Naive Art of Russia, «Na Solyanke» Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • 1993 – Five steps, Regional Youthful Library, Lipetsk, Russia.


Selected Public and Private Collections:

  • Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia;
  • The Russian Museum St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Erarta Museum of Cotemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Victor Bondarenko Collection, Moscow, Russia;
  • Mikhail Tsarev Collection, Moscow, Russia;
  • Boris Fish Collection, Moscow, Russia;
  • Victor and Sergey Popov Collection, Moscow, Russia;
  • pop/off/art gallery Collection, Moscow, Russia;
  • Gregory Starobinets Collection, Moscow, Russia;
  • Yury Sidorov Collection, Lipetsk, Russia;
  • Alexander Nazarov Collection, Lipet.