Rozenbaum Natalia

Natalia Rozenbaum was born in 1960 in Leningrad. Her painting life began when she had already been a professional engineer who graduated from the Kalinin Polytechnic Institute in Leningrad, having spent several years working in her field. She realized soon enough that her profession didn’t make her happy and she was determined to completely change the course of her life. She has spent years studying in drawing studios, practiced individually and has focused on mastering different technical methods.

She has created her own individual artistic language that is free and unrestricted from classical academic education. Her oil, gouache and watercolour paintings are evolving, changeable images of nature and people. Her flying brushstrokes render the impressions she grasped quickly and precisely.

Natalia Rozenbaum has a record of having several solo exhibitions in Moscow, Petersburg and London as well as participating in a series of art-and-music projects.

Artist Rozenbaum Natalia