Dukhovlinov Vladimir

Vladimir Dukhovlinov received an all-round artistic training. It started at the secondary art school in Feodosia, following which Vladimir studied art conservation and restoration at the Valentin Serov Leningrad Art College. In 1976, he graduated from the Design Department of the Vera Mukhina Leningrad School of Design and Applied Arts.

In 1980, the artist staged a joint exhibition with members of the Experimental Visual Arts Partnership (TEII). Figurative works from that period are very different from his later paintings of 2006 and 2007 seen in Erarta Museum’s permanent collection.

The artist seems to have quite literally devised his own style of abstract painting leveraging the texture of materials being used, be it canvas, plastic, or wood. Dukhovlinov’s idiosyncratic collages a free from cultural debris, trendy imagery, noisy newspaper headlines and daily waste. Concise, yet full of semantic allusions, they paradoxically marry the meticulous exactness of each line and detail with a kind of instinctiveness and absence of a final and decisive meaning and interpretation. In fact, the illusion of visual order and structure created by the artist refers only to a subjective experience of contemplation and reflection. A viewer sharing the same experience can feel a deep sympathetic understanding of, or, more precisely, affinity with, this art.

Artist Dukhovlinov Vladimir
Vladimir Dukhovlinov was born in 1950 in Daugavpils (Latvia) and lived and worked in St. Petersburg. The artist passed away in 2022.


Selected solo and group exhibitions

  • 2008 – Close up, Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 2007 – Impronte Contemporary Art Gallery, San Gimignano, Italy;
  • 2006 – Gallery 10x15, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 2006 – Dukhovlinov, Gallery Kvadrat, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 2006 – Solo Exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia;
  • 2003 – Gallery ‘Severnaya Stolitsa’, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 2002 – Gallery ‘Na Obvodnom’, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 2000 – Leighton House Museum, London, Great Britain;
  • 1999 – Fragments, the State Center of the Modern art and the Society «А-Ya», St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 1997 – Werdermann Art gallery, Hamburg, Germany;
  • 1996 – Masters of painting. St.Petersburg, the end of XX-th century, State Theatrical Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 1995 – Dukholvinov Solo Exhibition, ‘Savva gallery’, New York, USA;
  • 1994 – Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 1991 – Lelekoart, London, Great Britain.


His works can be found in the following selected collections

  • State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • The Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Diaghilev Centre of Arts, St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Norton & Nancy Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art, Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, NJ, USA;
  • Sydney University Museums, Australia;
  • Art museum of Samara, Russia;
  • ‘Tsarskoselskaya Collection’ State Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia;
  • Works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Great Britain, Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Korea, Australia, Japan, Germany, Belgium.