Pesterev Alexander

Alexander Pesterev was born in Griazovets, located in the Vologda region of Russia. Upon completion of his studies at the prestigious Ivanovo Art College in 1989, he was accepted into the National Union of Russian Artists. Although Pesterev has travelled widely throughout Russia, he finds most inspiration in Totma, in his home region of Vologda.
Over the years Pesterev’s painting has become increasingly ritualistic. Abandoning an earlier realistic style of heightened, bright colours for contemplative abstractions and landscapes, Pesterev’s paintings could now be described as philosophical studies of our everyday world. Immersed in the nuances of tone and colour, in thick impasto brushwork and metallic sheen, Pesterev creates both a figurative and emotive impression of the landscape and domestic spaces. Rather than overwhelming detail, Pesterev focuses on distillation, minimizing colour, shape, and line so that his painterly marks become acts of meditation.
Alexander Pesterev lives and works in Totma, Russia. He exhibits widely in Russia and has work in public and private collections in Russia, Germany, and the UK
Artist Pesterev Alexander

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2011 The Footprint of Gelaterea. Red Bridge Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
  • 2010 Art, Graphics and Sculpture. The Dostoevsky Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2009 Alexandre Pesterev: Artworks and Graphics. The Academic College of High Art, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2008 50.5. Red Bridge Art Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
  • 2007 Two worlds/Two Alexanders. The Art and Graphics Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2007 Selected Artworks, Smolniy Insitite of fire art exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2007 Graphics: The Chronicles. Red Bridge Art Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
  • 2007 Graphics: The Chronicles. Kostorma Art Gallery, Kostorm, Russia.
  • 2003 Landshafts of the Soul. Red Bridge Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
  • 1998 Selected Artworks. The Museum of the Governmental and Historical-architectural Insititute, Vologda, Russia.
  • 1996 Alexander Pesterev: Works. Sun Square Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
  • 1994 Monologue. Russian House Gallery, Vologda, Russia.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • 2010 The True State of Jerusalem, The Smolniy Insititue of Art, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2008 Are you really the same Tatiyana? Art Holdings of Tatyana Nokitina, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2007 Dialogues, 8th National Biennale of Contemporary Art, Manege Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2007 The Last Temptation of Nezhayka. Exhibition of the personal collection of Troizkov, Russia.
  • 2006 The Image of the Motherland. 3rd National Artistic Exhibition, Vologda, Russia.
  • 2005 Let us bow before the great Era. National Exhibition of the 60th Celebration of the Day of Freedom, Volodga, Russia.
  • 2003 Russian North. 9th Regional Art Exhibition, Vologda, Russia.
  • 2000 Green Noise. Traveling exhibition: Vologda, Pless, and Moscow, Russia.
  • 1999 Russia. 6th National Exhibition of Russia, Moscow, Russia.


Selected Public and Private Collections:

  • The Vologda Oblast Picture Gallery, Vologda, Russia;
  • Vologda State Museum;
  • Reserve, Pless State History, Pless Russia;
  • Architecture and Art Museum, Pless;
  • Russia; Barkes & Barkes Art Gallery, London, UK;
  • Tatyana Nikitina Art Holding Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St.Petersburg, Russia;
  • The Totemsoke Museum Collection, Totemsoke, Russia.